“LOVE” | The masked side

“She slept with him, I have  been cheated.”  My life is devastated,

 what do I do now?  Death would be a better preference than to live now without her.  I broked up.

Introducing you to  Love | The masked side.

This is  Feb when the love rains but fails to wash the masked side of your love.

You might be in love or you might have a crush, you could be in teenage an ideal time for puppy love, you might be married or you could be a blazing, flaming heart in one-sided love.
It makes no difference who you are, Everyone  had been  someday or sometime in love and must be  apprised to  its pro and cons both

In our society , many of us idealize love. We see it as some lofty cure-all for all of life’s problems. Our movies and our stories and our history all celebrate it as life’s ultimate goal, the final solution for all of our pain and struggle. And because we idealize love, we overestimate it. As a result, our relationships pay a price.
This Example might make some difference in your life.

Hello, I am a murdered soul,
very alike everyone  I was once in my school days,  life was easy, immature well yet I never felt this at that time. Everything was pleasant, straightforward, painless, manageable and simplified before I got to know a girl, she was  beautiful ,attractive and this was the first time  my heart was blooming for a weird reason which  concluded
By fair means or foul  we got to know each other and slipped off in love,
Throughout this alluring journey of our relationship we had several ups and down.
similar to you all, I am also possessive,”yes I stop her “

Never wanted anyone to spot her, not even a glimpse.

Prevented her presence in parties, prevented her to have a conversation with other guys.
I was so unfortunate that although I love to see her in the western dress I never allowed her to wear.

You can call me conservative, pervert, orthodox, cheap, dominant, worst human.

And she left him(broked up).

Now I’m not sad because she left me, I’m just not happy because I can never leave her.


“The masked side”
His girlfriend once told him to stay away from girls
she said, “she is afraid to loose him.” She cries for him and is afraid to lose her love, so she did everything he wanted.


Fear is a terrible emotion you know, He is afraid to loose her which made restrictions and she follows it because she is afraid to loose him.

well, who has the more acute fear?


She very well knows no girl can force him physically when her guy is out alone.
she knows girls very rarely take hold of the first attempt to her crush.

She knows god made us this way that males would mostly try hard to get a female even in animals.

She knows he can protect himself, there isn’t any trouble on his dignity

On the other side?

He knows she deserves freedom but he doesn’t want her to go alone he is afraid about her safety as she cannot protect herself practically and he can’t wait for any wrong to happen.
He knows she deserves to wear anything, yet he is again afraid she might get the wrong attention which in a result is a trouble.
He knows he isn’t there to shield her all the time which again revert to,”No are only allowed to go out with someone.

And she left him finally with no second thought how would that soul live


She never understood why? Never understood he must have had more painful fear.

Instead of calling him conservative she could have made up things comfortable.

“Not her fault, human nature. We prefer buying new rather than repairing.


Hang on! Someone else too wants to meet you.

Hello, I am another murdered soul
very alike, everyone, I was in my college days, life was exciting full of curiosity, there was no horizon of my dreams, joys, and fun.

Everything was pleasant, straightforward, painless, manageable and simplified before I got to know a boy, He was  handsome, each attractive and this was the first time  my heart was blooming for a weird reason which  concluded by fair means or foul  we got to each other and slipped off in love,

Everything was wonderful since we started to have insecurities later and common arguments that generally happens.

Being a human I too made a mistake,  I got close to another guy and started to trust him and we used to hang out, one night we were drunk and mistakenly I slept with him.
I was guilty, that feeling of sorrow started to consume my heart in regression. I used to love my guy eternally so I told him everything seeking for his forgiveness.
…he left me as he found me waiting and bruised, but now also willing and broken. I shakily tend my wounds, mystified if I had flown or fallen.


The masked side

Well, to understand it better let us assume we have two parts in our heads.

My mind says I want to smoke a cigaret, he begs am addicted feed me, while  intelligence says, “no it will kill you in future it’s harmful.”

This is the reason why we smoke, just because I feel like smoking my mind says to smoke and despite we know our addiction to regret, difference alcohol, drugs would lead to death. We do!


There are no differences in our sister and girlfriends, both of them have the same body, same organs, same hairs , she is  capable of doing same things that your girlfriend could do, anatomically they are same but what is the reason behind this, that hugging your sister and hugging your girlfriend have two different feels and stimulation??

Its because here our intelligence comes into play, it  distinguishes about this is your sister and that is your girlfriend.

Keeping this in mind,

I have question for you.

why do we flirt?

With no second thought why do we start to mack on everytime?  

why do we keep searching for new body?

When we know we have a wife or girlfriend at home she has the same thing same capabilities that the girls out side have then why do we flirt , we cheat, we go to them? Despite we know it would only result in break up, divorce as truth never hides,  just because our mind says, we do! We will flirt!



A guy leaves her girlfriend , because she slept with someone, or may be she has kissed someone, she hugged someone..beacuse she made any mistakes or probably you found someone better.

I want you to ask this, “Have your mom or dad every told you am leaving you? , because you made any mistake , did they say I have found other more intelligent and  rich so I love that other son or daughter? “
No, they will still love you and would try to make you better,
There is only one love that exists, and that’s parental love.
I would forgive her every mistake , I would protect her from everything no matter what am being called, I have made  my love so strong that I would even forgive her if she would sleep with anyone.

Because, my friends

There is something above body .. (Body se upar bhi koi cheez hoti hai)

Not every thing is judged on the basis of her body, there is something that is above the body and am here with her for that something.

What about you?

The day you will understand this you will develope the unconditional, unselfish purest form of love. Which actualy is a parental love.
My love for her is parental!

No matter how bad she falls, breaks,  I would reach to that trash to piece her back.
Society might judge you on your body, society might call you a dude to boy with group of girls and slut to a girl with group of boys

Similar to like , a lock that can be opened by any key is called as useless, and a key that can open every lock is called as master key. But the truth is there is no difference in between them. One is threat to your house, other is threat to others house.
Hello , I am a murdered soul

there is something left that I forgot to tell you,
“Do you know why am murder and who I am?”

I am you!
Your soul have been murdered.
You want to live, I want to live…. Please!


This feb,  filter your love with this masked side.
Thank you

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