“The deadline trick” (Life changing article)

It was late night when I rushed to the balcony next to when I updated my Whatsapp status with “am busy writing.” I often do same when I have plans in my mind for my next article.
on the second minute before I was about to finish my coffee I heard a laughing ,giggling guffaw voice of the sons of our neighbor from the window, next to our balcony. This left me with a weird thought; how are they so happy? I am of the same age but why are we so different? what was that mistake I did in my past which made me this depressed, broken and hopeless? What was that one thing which I shouldn’t have done, What is the best way to live the life?

which made me flow this article to you…
If you promise me to stay with me to end of this article I promise you that the moment you would end this article you won’t be the you; “you are now”
What is the best way to live your life?
now, there is no absolute answer to this question. Nobody can tell you the best way to live your life, but yourself.
what I can give you is a prospective.
Imagine if you were told right now you had only a year to live.
12 months from this point on. That is all you have.
Your initial reactions to this would be shock. disbelief, doubt, depression, and then preparation. or in another word, you’ll go through the five stages of grief. After having accepted the fact that you have only 12 months to live, your personality will go through a systematic, miraculous form of evolution almost instantaneously.
And this evolution is what changes the entire diagram of your existence.
In a way, for the first time, you will stop being a part of the society, and conciously take your first step to individuality. which is the separation of your existence from the rest of the world not for the need to be diffrent or recogonized, but because that is its function. And it happens because for the first time you have no other option but to take your life seriously.
So, what is that evolution? Well, after having accepted your mortality, your mind will go through the following changes automatically.
The first thing that happens is all your excuses disappear, regardless of the scheme of actions you’re going to pursue in the future.
All the excuses in your life until now that you have struggled with, never truely cared to solve, and unconsciously made a part of your personality get surgically removed from your brain as if they never existed. For the first time in your life, you’re truely blessed with the focus shared by the greatest minds, and you haven’t even chosen the yet.
Second, you’re blank. All your past , consisting of stupid mistakes, habits, memories and regrets gets deleted.
You now look forward to creating great memories with people who truely matter in your life.
All your crushes, grudges, memories and tears and lies and pain, none of that shit matters anymore. you forget and move on within a second.
Third, you discover priorities. Your mind absolutely builds a list of people, actions, activities, practices, customs, and habits you need to dispose of.
Fourth, you’re not looking forward to gallivanting with your friends anymore or performing your daily rituals which are basically creating replicas of yesterday.
If you think about it, each day in your life is exactly the same. But now for the first time, you’re not worried or insecure about your girlfriend anymore.you’re not uncomfortable or jealous if some guy is talking to the girl you have a crush on. You recognize that all these things are distractions. You’re not looking forward to that party you were supposed to attend, or frequenting night clubs, or drinking with your buddies. That is all trivial shit.
Your mind acknowledges and separates the people of importance from the crowd you have gathered over the year.
And as your mind figures out the things you want to do, you know very clearly what do you want to do – which makes all the greatest difference. What you want will eventually come to you, you just have to cut off triviality and you will meet focus, and focus will grab you through various distractions and lead you directly to your destination.
Fifth, you are vigilant. The days in your life aren’t divided by weekdays and weekends anymore. Each morning will be different and separate from the other. Each day will be an opportunity that brings you closer to your dreams.
From this day on, you won’t be waiting for opportunities anymore but seizing moments to create them.
Sixth, You are reminded of your legacy, What are you leaving behind to those who love you, those dependent on you, and those whom you cherish?
You ask yourself, what would I be remembered for?
seventh, you make settlements with the villainy that surrounds you, with all the losers that have bothered you and brought you down for too long. You’re no long bound by the threads of superficial relationships, artificial people, and obligatory acquaintances. You have been librated of all influence, you’re unaffected by criticism – negative or positive. You are free from human indulgence.
Eighth, You accept and appreciate the love. And it;s not selfish love anymore. It’s purest, most incorruptible form of love that flows in the direction of those whom you love without hesitation, without question. And you know they love you too, and never ceased to support you. They are those who see grace and beauty where others saw flaws and imperfections.
And it is in this moment you choose their love instead of chasing and finding and hoping to somehow control, impress or convince some stranger to fall in love with you.
Ninth, You seek happiness rather than joy. You finally recognize the distinction your brain chose to ignore while living under the illusion of ampleness of time. And when faced with a choice, you appreciate indulging in happiness rather than seeking joy, because joy although attributed to bringing happiness is a short-lived; and the things that define the meaning of your life are not.
There is a reason why when Keats wrote, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” he added forever at the end, because joy is momentary.
Once you understand this distinction, you don’t run after one night stands, flings, or short-lived dalliances. You don’t seek to repeat moments of joy by augmenting your drug usage, by indulging in social gatherings more, or from petty ego boosts in forms of compliments.
Lastly, you realize that you are complete. You don’t need any other person to reassure of your greatness, your legendary status, your awesomeness. You’re a titan. you’re not in a fight with competition anymore.
With this level of self-awareness and consciousness, you’re not a part of the crowd. You’re not in a fight against humans. You’re out there to make a name for yourself, you’re gonna take down gods.
That’s who you are, you’re a f–king titan. remember that.
Challenge your mortality and all that is important to you will come to you naturally.
Now just imagine if you lived with this level of consciousness every single day, what won’t you accomplish?
All you need to do is, constantly ask yourself, urge yourself to believe that you have only 12 months in your hands.
Get into the mindset, and once you do, you will experience the evolution I have laid out.
How many times in a day do you remind yourself that very soon, in comparison to the infinite scope of time, you will die!
And before dying, you will experience a phenomenon known as being old. So the only time when you will ever be the most efficient is now.
In about 20 years, you will be half as efficient as you are right now.
If you don’t act now, in about 10 years, all the opportunities you have in your hands will be reduced to half.
I cannot go back to school so I can be a geologist, physicist, cosmologist, molecular biologist, or anything of that sort, because that ship sailed a long time ago. The only option I am left with is to blame someone.
Blaming is one of the most pointless activities available to humans.
So, are you going to wait for that experience where you faced that eventually and are left with nothing but to pick someone to blame or are you going to avoid that experience altogether it’s your choice.
You might think, to have this kind of mindset in reality is too hard. it’s almost impossible.
Well no!
It is possible..
which again brings me to my next article How to implement this in your brain (The deadline trick implementation)
which would be posted in 6 hours next to this article.

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