The deadline trick implementation” (Life changing article)

This my friends is the second part of the article The deadline trick if you haven’t read yet go through the link.
I ended my previous article with…
You might think, to have this kind of mindset, in reality  ,is too hard. it’s almost impossible. let me tell you something.
It is possible

It’s not the first time you’d go through this transition. Mortality, although the greatest reminder of the value of time, isn’t the only one.


You’ve gone through this personal evolution before, you just don’t remember it anymore, because you achieved what you wanted.
Think of the time when you lost a job, and you had to find a new one as soon as possible. Were you concern about dating that day? or watching your favorite television show?
Think of the time when you faced an emergency, and the only priority, your only focus that day was to solve that problem no matter what.
Were you thinking about going to a nightclub then?

Think of the time when you were preparing for a competition and there was no other option but to destroy the scores and guarantee your admission in that college or program. Were you hanging out with your friends and just wasting time?
Think of the time when for the first time you saw the opportunity you had been waiting for your entire life. What did you do that evening?
Did you not prepare? Did you not abandon every single plan you had with anybody until you made sure that opportunity was yours?
On that day, you knew what you wanted and where you were. So you locked yourself up, told every single distraction to f–k off, and functioned on that level of consciousness.
You’ve already done it, only on a much smaller scale. This time you need to do it on a magnitude that will change the entire course of your life and permanently set you on another level.


So what are you waiting for? keep your phone down, sit alone with yourself and ask, what if you only have 12 months to live?
Focus on this Dead line of thought until you have gained the consciousness, ask yourself:
What are my true gifts? What is that one thing I always wanted to learn? what is that thing I always wanted to do?
Bring it back. Stop running away from your true, unique, beautiful self.
In your attempts to mingle in the crowds, somewhere you abandoned the things that made you unique, that separated you from others.
And if during this process you are reminded of your failures, about the possibility that might have wasted a lot of your time, or there aren’t enough opportunities.


Move on. Focus only on the 12 months ahead of you. That is your life now. That is all the time you have. And nothing else matters.

I hope you liked the article, And I promise you if you approach the future with this mindset, you will conquer any goal in your life.
I hope you will subscribe to this blog, there are a lot of motivational and informative articles coming only and only for you.
Thank you.

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