” The poem of my love”

One autumn morn, a desperate girl, does a trick,
My feelings fell for her like she tugged the right brickimg_6392
She called my name that voice feels so immune
My ear drinks each word of her like a magical tuneimg_6393
Born, the smell of love as a thought in one’s brain,
that binds us together in a mystic chain.img_6394
That upsetness, when from my little world, ” she fled”
with a fatigued heart, the missing nights not slept.img_6395
But when sat alone, my intelligence glow
it said, ” oh! mind, forget sorrow and leave all the woe .img_6396
You’ve heard,”all that glitter’s aren’t gold
alike it, familiar to ear, this too written in bold!!img_6397

You know it’s love, a kind of whine
that has all ingredients, whether, dim or shine
and so they wrote with blood,” LOVE IS DIVINEimg_6398