“How to get the first investment on any business idea?”

We all seem to be getting more self-obsessed by the day. Turn on your tv or open a web browser, and narcissism hits you smack in the face – everything screams ME! ME! ME!
Now this me that brought you here might help you.

So as I assured you previously here’s another article followed by my previous article “LOOSER”.


Well, my fellow readers let straight hop into the subject we’re here to talk about.I have a firm hunch about you people are already having that perfect idea for your startup business, if you are here reading this article. So how do we ignite that idea? when have we no resource, money, funds?
No worries, buckle up when you are done with this article.

Next to my Perfect idea which I had once in my mind, somehow I managed to get my uncle’s interest which led to the initial investment in my startup. Later that business failed either by hook or by crook no matter whatever was the reason behind failure, you know the worst part when a business fails?  Yeah, of course, the loss of money yet its more painful and outrageous when you make the loss of others money and trust.


Which in result made me understand about the peace of mind in having your own investment.
Its always better and burden free when you use your own money, let me know in comments what you think about this to give me a better prospective.
Anyway,  the question continues, “how do we get our own money”?

The good news is no matter how much annoyed we are to our government, our system, and to our country sometimes, however there’s still a scheme that can be availed from the government which may be yet hidden to you.

Next to when I lost hope, absentmindedly browsing over internet, I got to know about a kind of loan that government offers,  which is uncomplicated to avail.


But due to of the lack of exact knowledge as I was excited and thrilled of with this new hope to start all over again my business, I just rushed to it.
You must have heard a known quote i.e.;  “Little knowledge is dangerous”

Didn’t get me?

Need an example?

Well have you ever met into an incident where you went into your kitchen where you found  A dish ,it could be anything, was  frying over an on the move, in nobody’s supervision  and you didn’t turn it off thinking mom have put it for some reason. While after staring at it you have no idea whether its cooked enough or not.

and later after a while you get to know it caught fire and damaged a little part of your Kitchen?

well if you would have the knowledge about how that dish is being cooked you would have turned it off assuming   its done and is  being over cooked now , like you have the knowledge about when milk is boiled and you turn it off on right time..
would you have let it turned  on if it was milk instead?

this exactly what it means  by “little knowledge is  dangerous!
Okay I accept that was a boring example!!


Similarly, I was been frauded with a group of people who claimed to get me the loan.
Which know brings me to a “NOTE”!!!
Only apply it on official websites

Now lets talk about

  • What is this loan?
  • How to apply for this?
  • What are the eligibility?
  • What does it cost to get it sanctioned??
  • Risks?

“What is this loan”?

Considering the unemployment as the major issue issue in India government has launched this scheme

Called “Prime Minister Generation Program” (P.M.E.G.P)  which allowes you to get your business loan from the government in an easy 15 days with minimal documentation and with lowest interest rate up to 4% giving you time 3 to 10 years to return it back.


“How to apply this”

Ah, its as easy as creating a facebook account. Okay okay!,  a little more descriptive form but.

That’s it , you are ready to go.


“What are eligibilities”?

  • You must be 18 years old or above
  • Must be at least viii pass. (yes! you read it right, just 8th pass!)
  • can obtain this scheme once in a lifetime
  • must be a citizen of India

that’s minimum eligibility

other detailed eligibility Conditions of Beneficiaries are:-

  • There will be no income ceiling for assistance for setting up projects under PMEGP.
  • For setting up of project costing above Rs.10 lakh in the manufacturing sector and above Rs. 5 lakh in the business /service sector, the beneficiaries sho/div>
  • Self Help Groups (including those belonging to BPL provided that they have not availed benefits under any other Scheme) are also eligible for assistance under PMEGP.
  • Institutions registered under Societies Registration Act,1860;
  • Production Co-operative Societies, and Charitable Trusts.

Existing Units (under PMRY, REGP or any other scheme of Government of India or State Government) and the units that have already availed Government Subsidy under any other scheme of Government of India or State Government are not eligible.

That just sounds scary but its too simple as you get into it.

trust me, as I have researched myself and went for a loan to its regional office.

let me know if you want me to share you my experience what exactly happened with step by step guide what to do.

Refer to the Download section in the menu of my blog for screenshot view of how to fill in the form and where to find it on official website of PMEGP

which again brings me to my next upcoming article.
“how many days will it take to get your PMEGP loan”? 

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Didn’t get me? 
Need another boring example? :’)






“I know I don’t have money but I have a great idea for business,’ he chanted”
“Son! We aren’t rich enough to spare the price of risk on your idea,’ His dad retorted”.

(In a remorseful voice)  “Dad, not everyone is brilliant or sharp enough to crack any competition exams for a good job. I tried my best I wish to own a business now. I know I didn’t study on time, devastated my school days and have lost my grip on the basic knowledge yet this doesn’t bring me to the end. I haven’t conceded defeat.”

“Followed by an anxious silence his dad grumbled,’ you haven’t perceived the world yet and that the business isn’t so easy, go back to your room and try to study, don’t waste your time on such ideas!
Welcome readers today we all are assembled here to show and share our views on one of the most important aspects of human life that is nothing but the question. “Why should we take our first step to head towards our dream right now”.

So, don’t forget to share your views in comments. Feedbacks would be appreciated.

So, what is that one compelling reason due to of which you begged your fortune to spare you success?  Why do you wanna be successful, why do you wanna earn money, what makes you think you need a position in society?
Well, this rely on person to person, Sprinkle of peoples are just simply too poor to fulfill their basic needs, other have been erased, assassinated with the taunts of their knowns (so called well-wisher). Some have to lead themselves with the sorrowful mind as they have love relationships which can only breathe and survive if somehow they cope to settle down with good income and bright growthful future in order to get marry, some are tired of spending each day as a replica of their previous day, worthlessly. I believe most of you are already having that compelling reason that makes you think I NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE.

But those who don’t give a damn despite researching what special in me, who accepted the fact of being a “LOOSER”, who finds their path gloomy. My dear friends, I want you to assume this;

Let’s take an example of a girl,

similar to every ordinary child she too was born and grew up, she too had a curious mind followed by her colorful dreams, those dreams could be anything, it could be a wish to sight different cities or states or to learn swimming may be to sing or either to buy an iPhone whatever she dreams she expect that to be fulfilled by her dad.

She thought all heroes were tall, muscular and wore a cape.

“Your daughter’s old enough now, get her married, “the elders said.

“No she wants to study more,” her dad replied.

In her pot-bellied, balding and diabetic father, she found a hero of a different kind.

But no matter how much he loves her daughter he isn’t rich enough to fill her all dreams, she just wasted her young age working in the kitchen.

Now, she has grown enough, it’s time for her marriage, now she have another expectation of a better life she hope inside herself of living again this time with her husband that he will fulfill all her dreams she will watch the world with him, and unfortunately she gets a poor husband who hardly could manage the expense of their house.

Well, now she has compromised with her life she has become a mother now she needs to think about her children yet she is still working in the kitchen.

The last hope is now her children that they would study, they would be a better person they would fill her all dreams they would help her live a better life.

These are the three phases of a girl’s life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to close your laptop, mobile,pc  after you are finished with this article and watch your mom today in the kitchen of your house, Do you really want this wonderful gift of god to spend all her life in that 4/4 kitchen??  Her life started from the kitchen and ended to the kitchen!
Does she really deserve this in return of all love and affection she gave you?

How many years now is left in her life span?  You want to be more late to get the train to your goals? You want to be later in establishing yourself and giving her that live?

“You mean now you wanna shift that LOOSER tag to your mom?”
Of course, she is the LOOSER then, after devoting all her life in serving she got a kitchen.

Don’t be so late I know you have tried enough and tired but my friend if you are tired you need to rest not to give up.

Your friends must have got a brilliant brain, must have got a good gob must be earning a lac per month, you consider that as a successful life yes?

it’s a kind of happiness if he wishes to buy a Land rover, He needs to save his salaries for may b 6 -7 month neglecting all his other basic requirement and in order to buy that car.

It’s another kind of happiness when you go out, you see a car (land rover) and you buy it right at that moment
there is a lot of difference in both of this happiness.

Which happiness you want??

Let’s relate this to our first example of the girl (your mom)

Have seen your mom she went out to market she likes lots of things but she thinks before buying them, don’t you want her to go out and buy whatever she likes at that very instance?
Business is the way to this second happiness!

Don’t end up your day with the same tag on your head, ‘’LOOSER’’

Now the question is how?

We don’t have the money to start our idea or business.

We are ready to work hard but we have no idea how?

How will I put that first investment? Who would help me out for this first investment?

Well, I have a way out, through which each and every one of you could get that initial amount to start your business even if you have zero balance.

Refer to my next article about

“How to get the first investment for any new idea of our business?”

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